Looking for an effortless way to make regular international payments?

Our Regular Transfers Service offers the ultimate in convenience.

The HiFX Regular Transfers Service provides you with the quickest and easiest way to make frequent international payments and avoid the unnecessary fees charged by the high street banks each and every time you make a currency transfer.

Whether you’re paying an international mortgage, making salary transfers or transferring a UK pension overseas, whatever your regular payments needs, our specialist Regular Transfers Team will automate your payments via direct debit ensuring you never miss a payment.

It takes next to no time to sign up online and the process of setting up a Regular Transfer is simple. Just call us. Our team of specialists will listen carefully to your needs and help you plan your international transfers for the life of your payment requirements.

We’ll then arrange a Direct Debit over the phone. No hidden charges and no unpleasant surprises.

It really is that simple!

Sign up
Signing up is free, quick and can be done 24 hours a day online. It carries no obligation to trade and you’ll get access to our regular payments specialists and all the tools and information you need to monitor exchange rates and save money.

You’ll receive on-screen confirmation of your account details and we’ll also automatically send you an email with everything you need know.
Discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Once your account is open you can call our regular payments team to discuss your individual requirements and get all the answers you need from an experienced market professional.

While your dealer cannot predict future exchange rates, as your eyes and ears in the market they can provide you with up to date views on market trends, and suggest various options to meet your objectives.

Unlike your bank and many other brokers, the price quoted will include fees, so there are no sudden hidden extras.

Tell us who you want to pay and when.

When you confirm the deal, your Regular Payments specialist will arrange the direct debit over the phone. You will need to pay a security payment for the contract which is equal to one month’s payment for each year of the contract. This is then used for the final month(s) payment(s). To save time you can set up a library of regular recipients’ account details. If you tell us to, we’ll even keep recipients up to date with payments via email so you don’t have to.

Send us your funds.

When you confirm the deal, you’ll automatically receive an email with a summary of the transaction including collection dates, the amounts to be debited and instructions on how to make the payment to HiFX. You then tell us where you wish to send the money to. To save time you can set up a library of regular recipients’ account details online.

We send your funds on.

We then do all the work and make the payments on your behalf on the pre-agreed dates you’ve specified.

Track payments.
Best of all you can track your payments online. With HiFX Online you can also manage your account 24/7; changing usernames, addresses and passwords or use the diary function to remind you what to do, when.

It really is that simple!
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