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The table below shows the key interest rates from the major central banks.

 Central bank  Current rate  Last change  Date of change  Next meeting
 Reserve Bank of New Zealand  2.50%  -50bp  29-Jul-10  28-Apr-11
 Reserve Bank of Australia  4.75%  +25bp  02-Nov-10  05-Apr-11
 Bank of England  0.50%  -50bp  06-Mar-09  07-Apr-11
 US Federal Reserve  0-0.25%  -75bp  16-Dec-08  27-Apr-11
 Bank of Japan  0.10%  -20bp  19-Dec-08  07-Apr-11
 European Central Bank  1.00%  -25bp  03-Apr-09  07-Apr-11
 Bank of Canada  1.00%  +25bp  09-Sep-10  12-Apr-11
 Riksbank (Sweden)  1.50%  +25bp  15-Feb-11  20-Apr-11
 Swiss National Bank  *3m Libor Range  0.00 -0.75%  13-Mar-09  16-Jun-11
 Norges Bank (Norway)  2.00%  +25bp  05-May-10  12-May-11
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