Highly competitive rates. Free international payments.

Foreign exchange with maximum ease and minimum fuss.

Whether you need cost-effective foreign exchange dealing services, or you are looking to implement successful hedging strategies, we can help.

Your personal dealer will act as your eyes and ears in the market, providing you with all the tools and information you need to get the best exchange rates and manage your company’s foreign exchange more effectively.

Highly tailored to your individual requirements, simple, fast and cost-effective, our telephone based Corporate FX Dealing Serviceis only available for clients who trade in excess of $5million per annum.

Companies who trade below $5million can still take advantage of our highly competitive exchange rates available via our Online International Payments service.

Our aim is to become your trusted business partner by ensuring your company conducts all of its foreign exchange transactions with maximum ease and minimum fuss.

Reduce Costs with HiFX Foreign Exchange Dealing
Reduce costs and manage risk more effectively

As a group we help thousands of companies in over 100 different industry sectors do exactly that…

We work in partnership with you to significantly reduce your foreign exchange costs and effectively manage your risk. Foreign exchange is all we do. With lower overheads, we take advantage of lower operating costs than the banks to give you access to free international payments and highly competitive exchange rates

Tailored Corporate Foreign Exchange Services
A tailored proactive service
Highly tailored to your individual business requirements, simple, fast and cost-effective.

We spend the time and effort to understand your needs and how exchange rate fluctuations affect your business.
With each of our dealers servicing fewer clients than a bank, we provide a level of proactivity and personal service that the established banks find too resource intensive.
We can therefore react rapidly to changes in market conditions and are more effective at communicating relevant market moves and economic factors which could impact your business’ foreign exchange transactions.

Flexible Corporate Foreign Exchange Services

Access to over 25 currency pairs and a range of transaction options

Your personal dealer will be an experienced market professional who can discuss and execute a range of alternative transaction options.  
In addition to spot and forward contracts, HiFX offers clients the facility to buy or sell foreign exchange at pre-determined prices when reached. Market orders are monitored around the clock and our experts will help you establish the appropriate levels at which to place them.
We act on your recorded verbal instructions, given over the phone for your security and peace of mind.

Unparalleled Foreign Exchange Market Info
Unparalleled market intelligence
Up-to-the-minute insight keeps you fully in touch with the markets
Our team is made up of highly experienced and respected market professionals. Their understanding of the driving forces behind the currency markets means you receive the insight you need to make informed decisions and optimise your transactions and hedging strategies.

Our foreign exchange experts will keep you informed of market movements enabling you to make the most of advantageous exchange rate movements and more importantly, protect your business when they’re moving against you.
Trusted Independence with HiFX
Trusted independence
We work with multi-nationals, government departments, high street brands, private equity houses, charities…
HiFX is trusted by thousands of international organisations and private individuals to complete transactions worth over $14.5 billion a year. We are a highly solvent, profitable and debt-free business with a conservative approach to risk.
As Australia's leading independent currency specialists HiFX analysts are often featured in the national broadcast and print media.  For the latest coverage visit our Latest News section.
Easy and Fast Online Payments at HiFX
Online Payments
Our secure and convenient online payments service ensures you’re able to process international payments with ease, in a controlled and cost effective manner.
You can manage your account 24/7 online, wherever you are in the World. You can set up multi-beneficiary payment templates and settlement instructions. You can prepare individual or bulk payments for authorisation, approve payments and keep track of all transactions.

We work with some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world to ensure we can deliver your payments quickly and securely.

Secure Foreign Exchange Dealing at HiFX
We work hard to keep your money safe.
Regulatory Information
HiFX Australia Pty Limited is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, AFS Licence No. 240917.

Security of Funds
All funds received by HiFX from Clients and Hedge Counterparties or which are paid by HiFX to Clients and Hedge Counterparties (including Sold Currency, Bought Currency and Margins) will be received into and paid out of our segregated  Security Trust Accounts.  
HiFX considers client protection to be of paramount importance and our treatment of monies received from clients provides significantly more protection than others provide.  HiFX has granted for the benefit of its clients a registered first ranking security (held by an independent Trustee)  over:
(a) the Security Trust Accounts; and
(b) HiFX’s rights under its Hedge Contracts, (including in respect of payments by way of security or collateral as support for HiFX's obligations under its Hedge Contracts )

Online Security
HiFX Online is VeriSign secured.  The VeriSign seal is the most recognised trust mark on the internet and helps companies and consumers all over the World to engage in trusted communications and commerce billions of times every day.  97 of the World's 100 largest SSL-using banks and over 93% of Fortune 500 companies use SSL Certificates sold by VeriSign. In addition, VeriSign secures more than one million Web servers worldwide, more than any other Certificate Authority.

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